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The President told the Daily Caller: ‘The Pope is handling it, I guess, the best anyone can handle it’

A petition, started by the US-based Catholic Women’s Forum, said the Pope’s response so far had been ‘inadequate’

The archbishop, whose testimony accused Pope Francis of covering for Archbishop McCarrick, has been criticised for his record

The cardinal said he would ‘give anything to turn the clock around and have the Church do everything right’

The Ohio judge said he believed in the sanctity of life and did not make the judgment lightly

Bishop Lopes criticised ‘cardinals and bishops who have rushed to the television cameras, saying, “I knew nothing”’

The cardinal was speaking after a report claimed the Pope felt ’embittered’ by the controversy

He has been accused of ignoring allegations of sexual misconduct among seminarians

He also accused Viganò of ‘massive personal participation’ in covering up clerical abuse

The former US nuncio denied claims he ‘quashed’ an investigation into a prelate accused misconduct with seminarians