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Irish referendum was won by the media

SIR – Matthew Schmitz (June 8) writes disapprovingly of how abortion has been sanctioned in Ireland by a “democratic” vote, but that vote was undermined from within and without.

The Irish media have been waging an unremitting campaign to introduce abortion. Irish public opinion on the matter has been zealously “groomed”. Anything that promoted abortion was favoured; what didn’t was ignored. A hardcore of abortion supporters drove the agenda. Pro-life journalists were mostly silenced, or silenced themselves. In interviews on the electronic media, pro-abortion views went virtually unchallenged; pro-life opinions were vigorously contested. Politicians who opposed abortion were cowed into a skulking, embarrassed silence; pro-abortion politicians received favourable copy. Politicians, it seemed, couldn’t risk the disfavour of those who control the lifeblood of publicity.

Our sympathies were shamelessly played upon by the media. We were called on endlessly to show “compassion” – for pregnant women, but not the life within them. The realities of abortion could not be openly aired. Catholic voters were told “This is not a black and white issue.” Can killing be anything but “black and white”?

It was implied that the outlook for the health of Irish women in pregnancy was bad. (In 2015, death rates for pregnant women in Ireland were half those in the UK.) George Soros (and doubtless others) financed pro-abortion campaigners. It has not yet emerged (nor is it likely to, if left to Irish journalists) as to which other agencies were insistent on Ireland introducing this referendum and what threats or inducements were made. The only forum with a fair coverage was on social media, but Google decided (at whose prompting?) to stop accepting advertising relating to the referendum.

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