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Young Catholics must be united

SIR – The growing divide among young Catholics in England and Wales between those who align themselves with traditionalists and those who regard themselves as liberals appears to be ever increasing.

As a Catholic in my mid-twenties I find it disconcerting that many choose to align themselves with either one of these “camps”, especially as in our ever-more secularised society Catholics need to be united.

It’s a particular shame to hear many traditional and right-wing Catholics constantly make reference to how wonderful things were before the Second Vatican Council and how the liturgy was so much better then.

As someone who has an appreciation for reverent liturgy, I find it encouraging that many others respect and understand the importance of dignified liturgy. But our faith needs to be inclusive and not exclusive. Sadly, for many people the traditional Latin Mass does not encourage them in their faith – and I say that as someone who has a real appreciation for it.

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