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Will Mary’s story be given justice?

SIR – I read with interest Jonathan Wright’s review (July 20) of the new film Mary, Queen of Scots. I myself have researched for a long time all the available and credible letters and documents relating to the period. I hope the film will reveal the unscrupulous and venal character of Elizabeth’s principal ministers, Cecil and Walsingham.

These men stopped at nothing to incriminate Mary in a plot to assassinate Elizabeth. This was to make sure that a Catholic would not accede to the throne after Elizabeth. In order to do this they employed spies and informers, hired lackeys who were willing to lie and perjure themselves for their paymasters. Confessions were obtained through torture and letters were forged to incriminate Mary in the notorious Babington plot.

The verdict of treason was based on a forged postscript to a reply to Babington which included Mary’s agreement to “the dispatch of the usurping competitor”.

Mary denied to the end that she had ever written such words. I hope that the film will bring out the real reason why Mary was executed and will include the Earl of Kent’s assertion to Mary: “Your life will be the death of our religion, your death will be its life.”

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