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Bishop calls priests ‘imprudent’ for attending Trump rally

A bishop has said that four priests were “imprudent” for attending a Donald Trump rally in Montana. The priests were seen in their clericals directly behind Trump as he stood at the podium. Their appearance provoked criticism, with an article in the Montana Standard calling for the priests to apologise.

Bishop Michael Warfel of Great Falls said it was an “imprudent decision on their parts to allow themselves to be used in such a way”. While they were free to support political candidates, he said, “they should not have been attired in clerical garb and seated in such a prominent location.” The bishop added: “I myself had been invited to attend the rally but declined. It has been my

experience that people can be manipulated and used unwittingly.”


Ortega’s wife invokes God amid crackdown

Rosario Murillo, Nicaragua’s vice president and the wife of President Daniel Ortega, has angered protesters by saying that the removal of barricades was a “miraculous event” and a “work of faith in God”. At least one person was reported to have died as security forces cleared blockades in La Trinidad. Fr Eugenio Rodríguez told AFP that he and other priests tried to reach the main blockade to start a dialogue but were intercepted by “five hooded men”. Without referring to Murillo, Auxiliary Bishop Silvio José Báez of Managua said on Twitter: “You shall not pronounce the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.” More than 300 people have been killed during protests.

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