LEAD STORY — The Synod can only succeed if it begins with brutal honesty ● Stuart Reid: Why St Bede’s has become one of the great parishes of London ● John Waters: The Irish writer tells Mick Duggan why he regrets his country’s choices – but couldn’t emigrate ● Melissa Kite goes to night school ● Mary Kenny: Pregnancy tests give rise to a thousand different responses ● Fr Raymond de Souza: Romero should have been canonised in San Salvador ● Quentin de la Bédoyère: Why attractive people are given an easier ride through life ● Cardinal Gerhard Müller says Oscar Romero was a martyr for truth, not power ● Fr Dominic Allain is inspired by a layman friend ● Theodore Dalrymple recalls conversations with arsonists, thieves and other prisoners ● Fr Ronald Rolheiser asks what single thing cannot be doubted ● Daisy Dunn on the 16th C Venetians Mantegna and Bellini, brothers-in-law in art